Madison Schwindenhammer is a graphic designer and photographer based in Peoria, Illinois. She received her Bachelors in Science in graphic design and photography from Bradley University in 2020 and Associates of Arts Degree from Illinois Central College in 2018. She is currently employed as a graphic designer at VirtuSense Technologies and also manages MS Photography and Design, a freelance photography company specializing in family portraits and wedding photography. Madison’s fine art photography uses methods of surrealism and abstraction of reality in her photographs. Her desire is to promote deeper thought in relation to belief systems, humanity, and unseen realities, providing an outlet for emotion to be explored and identified with. Her work was featured in the 2019 LUX Fine Art Photography Journal, 8th edition: Navigating the Unknown, as well as in the Southeast Museum of Photography's exhibit Separate/Together. In August 2020, her series, Pnuema, was displayed at Casa De Arte in Peoria, IL. 

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